AFTERNOON is woman-owned shoe brand designed and handcrafted with care by Shane Michalik. AFTERNOON shoes are inspired by the California landscape, with a minimalist silhouette and a commitment to sustainable materials and ethical production. Trained as a shoemaker in the desert hillside town of Jerome, Arizona, Shane makes all of the shoes by hand in her backyard studio in Vallejo, California. AFTERNOON shoes are made with 100% vegetable-tanned leather, USA-made solid brass findings & tacks, linen thread, and treated with leather conditioners made in-house from California beeswax, organic Shea butter, and organic natural & essential oils.

AFTERNOON shoes come in an evolving range of naturally derived colors: from natural vegetable-tanned leather, hand-dyed colors from natural plant materials, to a deep blue-black created by the reaction of iron oxide with the tannins present in vegetable-tanned leather.

Please note: due to the nature of vegetable-tanned leather and natural dyes, colors will change with wear and sun exposure, darkening and highlighting the natural beauty of leather that loves to breath. It’s both better for your feet and the earth.

Since each pair is handmade of natural materials, small variations will exist.


Shane Michalik & AFTERNOON is a proud financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, Every Mother Counts & the ACLU. I hope you too can support organizations that stand for equal rights & provide much needed healthcare across the globe. My outlook on stuff is: less is more — buy independent, local & sustainable whenever possible, and I consider that with each purchase, so that there is some left over to give back, wherever I can.